Funny and Unusual

I did not realize how funny this would look until after I had taken it, but the combination of the woman's pursed lips (something she did quite often, as it turns out) and the position of the ball, makes it seem as if she is blowing on the ball, or blowing a bubble.

This woman also had a characteristic "tic" when she played the ball. Each time she touched the ball (and, as the setter, she touched it a lot!), she would flick her tongue out of her mouth. When I showed this to her coach, she was more concerned about the safety aspect than the visual: she worried that sticking her tongue out might put the player at risk for biting herself if someone collided with her during a game.

This is another one that surprised me after I had taken it. The basic picture is quite good, with the player leaning forwards to play the ball. The interesting and surprising thing is the reflection in her sun glasses!

This picture is unusual in two respects. For one thing, it is pretty difficult to take a picture of a six-player volleyball team and only find one player in the picture! For another, there seems to be something "electric" about her right forearm. The closeup reveals that the net guy wire just happened to be right behind and above her arm, giving it that eerie effect.

This one, too, was already taken before I saw the irony of the actual woman making the play, with the identical art work in the background. I'll bet you I could not have taken this shot if I had intended to!

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