Steinberger-compatible Piezo Saddles

Here are some prototype piezo saddles, using inserts from GraphTech (compatible with their Ghost system).
I create a metal block, cut a hole through it (for the piezo sensor wires), then a slot (to accept the
piezo insert), and glue the insert in place. The metal pieces will either be aluminum or steel, and will
be surface treated to be black. Height adjustments are made with set screws as with all other saddles.

Here are the final saddles, ready for sale:

These saddles are now available for $210 per set of six. I can also supply all GraphTech electronics, should you need that.

Click these links to listen to these piezos installed in one of my graphite guitars. The strings are regular, slinky rock 'n' roll strings:
heavier strings would result in better tone and a bit less detuning under finger pressure.

Click here for strumming.
Click here for finger picking.

These recordings were made directly from the piezos, with no eq or post-processing.
I will be getting some additional recordings soon where additional post-processing was applied.